Saturday, February 26, 2011

Software Center validating packages quality

Today I have found bug 712377, it seems that Software Center is going to check packages quality and refuse to install them.

This change is likely to affect many 3rd parties, does anyone know if it is planned to be enabled on Natty and where can we find the change specification/discussion ?


  1. Think of it this way...for 3rd party app developers who can't comply with the standards.. Canonical will be offering engineering services for a price to help 3rd party app developers build packages which comply.

    The best way to generate demand for engineering services for packaging expertise is to make packaging quality a necessity. _Create_ the _need_ that your service fills instead of providing a service which fills a need.


  2. I have got some feedback from Michael Vogt as seen on the bug report update. The goal is to cover packaging errors that are likely to cause serious issues, like missing package names, etc.
    It is still a work in progress feature.

  3. Just to set things straight.

    Canonical _already_ offers packaging services to third parties. We have since I joined in 2006. Packaging doesn't generate serious revenue as the intent is to get software into Ubuntu and third-party developers is a pretty small segment.

    The intent of this change is to try and protect Ubuntu users. We know that the amount of third-party software is increasing which is a good thing: Software Center is a reflection of that. But we also know from other platforms that bad packaging can cause issues - so trying to protect the user is a sensible strategy.