Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear Ubuntu Community Manager

could you please provide us some insightful information about what REALLY happened regarding the Banshee music stores default configuration ?

We were firstly informed that there was a negotiation attempt between Canonical and Banshee developers and which terminated with Caconical's terms being rejected.

Now we have your communication which attributes a mishandling responsibility to Cristian Parrino, however it does not provide a clear understanding on what happened.

Is this new a plan a proposal to the Banshee core developers ? Was it accepted by both parties ?
The perception that the Ubuntu community (which Canonical is part of) followed-up up a failed negotiations by communicating an unilateral plan with different terms provides a sense of questionable intentions.

The Free Software License of Banshee grants Canonical the right to manage the announced changes without involving the Banshee core developers, how was that right used ? Did Canonical trustfully considered to establish mutually accepted terms or was this just a mishandling by setting up a negotiation which was not intended ?

Thanks in advance.


  1. This is what happened:

    * Cristian went to the Banshee with the original proposal and said if they decided against it, the Amazon store would not be switched on.
    * This was a mistake - he should not have made this assertion. I don't blame the Banshee team being frustrated about this.
    * Cristian, Rick Spencer, and I had some follow up calls with the Banshee team - and Cristian informed them the plan to go with the 75%/25% revenue share for both the Amazon and Ubuntu One stores.

    I hope this answers your questions.