Sunday, February 27, 2011

Non technical driven changes to upstream packages

today I have sent this request to the Ubuntu Community Council which I believe to be in the interest of the Ubuntu community:

In light of the present Banshee default configuration change but also taking in account past events (bug 642839) I would like to request the definition and implementation of a control process for non technical driven changes.

As far as I understand such process is already in place for technical changes, and covers mostly stability, security and miscellaneous integration driven changes, with review/authorization being granted by the Ubuntu Technical Board when required.

In the absence of a similar review/authorization request process for non technical changes I am afraid there is an high risk of changes being introduced without proper assessment and communication.

This request does not seek in anyway to limit or condition Canonical's business authority for the Ubuntu trademark and product management, however such authority must be used in a way which is transparent to the Ubuntu community.

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