Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free and Open Source Gaming Challenge Idea

sometimes I find myself search for gamins at playdeb, for my friends, family kids or just for my own entertainment.
I believe that there is still a lack of awareness about Free and Open Source Games and we can do something to improve it.

The following idea is to run a FOS gaming challenge, unlike the traditional network based / score based competition this challenge would be about achieving a per game predefined objective for the largest possible number of FOS games. The primary goal is to reward gaming diversity, not expertise.

The idea is presented at:

If you like it and have a facebook account, check our facebook page:

If you want to get involved in the discussion and eventual organization of the event please subscribe to the mailing list:

Please share this idea with those that you believe would be interested in participating, if we can gather the resources and sufficient interest this is likely to be more than just an idea.

Thanks to the GetDeb team mates which helped refining the idea and building up the presentation.


  1. The presentation says that the games must be available for Linux/Windows, but doesn't mention OSX?

  2. Popey,
    I maybe wrong but I think there is a less broader range of FOSS games with OSX versions. Adding it as requirement would probably drastically reduce the scope.