Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ubuntu Bug Fix Wishes for 2011

I would like to see the following bugs fixed during 2011, the first randomly prevent users from logging off, the second randomly presents an “ugly” unexpected appearance.

Both are responsible for a disruptive desktop experience for many users. I also wish that the effort for the new “consistent user experience for desktop” does not keep or increase our current inability to fix such severe open source problems.


  1. Also, how about
    in which rhythmbox, sound-juicer, brasero, and nautilus crash at audio CD insertion (appears to occur with certain optical drivers.) If certain developers thought it was enough of a priority, it could have been fixed before lucid went final, but it still isn't fixed (although it appears close.) Not a good reflection on Ubuntu and Linux for new users. A SRU fix would be nice.

  2. Yes, many users are scared away from Linux because of a problem when running Ubuntu: most of the complaints I have heard about Linux come from a problematic experience with Ubuntu. I believe that developers should aim at stability before releasing a new version, especially if Ubuntu is marketed as a distro for Linux beginners...but that is my humble opinion.

  3. The bug with panels is unbelievably old and frequent. Happens with everyone I know that uses Gnome and Compiz. I had to create an icon called "Fix panels" in my girlfriend's laptop which does "killall gnome-panel". That' a shame.

    Canonical should focus on these high priority bugs before creating new fancy stuff, specially in a LTS release.

    Maybe it's lost in a battle between Gnome and Canonical folks.