Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crashes with Ubuntu 10.04 beta 2

I have been using Ubuntu 10.04 since beta 1 and it has been quite stable until this week.
Yesterday on my laptop openoffice simply topped launching, running oowriter from the terminal did not reported any error but nothing happened. I was in a rush to finish a job so I was unable to debug the problem further so I simply rebooted.
During boot the root filesystem was found corrupted, the graphical boot just kept looping changing the message on the screen from "Checking disk blah blah" to "key X por blahblah". I was unable to do recovery, next step, reboot in recovery mode.
Still not good, now it was just looping on the text console, I was unable to read the output.
Another reboot, this time I kept pressing the key that was supposed to bring the recovery console, this time I was able to get into the recovery shell after some iterations of the message loop. I was able to run fsck on the root filesystem and successfully boot.

Today I have booted my desktop (also running Lucid), was about to do some draft html for a status page, decide to install "quanta" for it.
During the install I just got a white screen with X hard locking, well time for another reboot.
I was not sure about the quanta package install status, I have found that quanta was installed by quanta.desktop file was truncated with 0 bytes.
Later I have found that other quanta dependency packages where corrupted

I have filled bugs 559915 and 559915.

Anyone with such bad experiences lately ? I am a bit concerned about having such critical failures on 2 completely different systems.


  1. Yeah, I have had many crashes with no discernible pattern. Complete system freeze with no option except to hard reboot.

  2. That second bug should be 559921.

  3. I had many crashes like this: I browse with Firefox and *bam* the whole Gnome session (or X) crashes and resets to GDM / login-screen. If the Beta is _that_ shaky, the final LTS release might not be up to standards...

  4. I've had hell with my video cards on all three machines i've installed beta 2 on. One of the machines randomly crashes to the pre gui terminal. All three have vastly different hardware all all three have reverted to "no effects". Then try to turn effects back on and crashes at "Accept these changes"

    Grrrr. One of the three machines was a "see how much better Ubuntu is than Windows" test.... (the one that crashes to the terminal)

    There's no option to report a bug on the "appearance preferences" program. How does one create a bug report from scratch?

  5. This sound really scary, they should be doing a lot better with a beta 2 product, random xserver crashes is the bane of the Linux desktop, just the same as BSOD on Windows I might add, we have to do better.

  6. Luckily I wasn't the only experiencing this. My first thought was like may be it's related to my upgrade from karmic on my particular notebook. Especially the "checking disk" who will never finish. and there is no way to report that bug cleanly with some crashes data. And did you all realize that now the "send report problem" doesn't send bug reports now because something "is not a genuine package" and doesn't even let you know what's that something

  7. Wow, this sounds familiar. I was running Lucid beta, and shut the machine down to save power while I was out most of the day yesterday. Went to turn it on, it got to the disk check part, and it froze. Recovery console did nothing, could only boot by passing init=/bin/bash. For the life of me I couldn't get it to boot normally.

    I didn't think to do a filesystem check, I wasn't getting any errors, just a hard lock at the disk check stage. I'm not running usplash, I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

    Luckily there wasn't much critical on this machine, so I simply re-installed with Karmic. I couldn't get more information to submit a bug report, sorry.

  8. @Glen me too

    The crashes seemed to have stopped since the lastest update though

  9. Well i have to say that you ppl are lucky if are able to install the 10.04 beta 2 at all. I tried it in my asus F5GL lap, and it was a total disaster.. i simply cant go forward with the installer. things gets stuck at no real reason. Once i got past the initial welcome screen and actually formated the 9.10 partition...then the installer got stuck at 40% with me having to reinstall 9.10 :(

    they better fix things at least in the RC or this is gonna look bad. I really believe that what ubuntu needs id not purple fancy stuff, but sm real stability.

  10. I had an issue with a freeze during a software install as well. But it didn't really hard freeze, just got really buggy.

  11. I have the same problem. Especially when using firefox and thunderbird. The system hangs with the fan getting loud and nothing but a hard reset helps.

  12. I had the "stuck in terminal" thing happen after rebooting after installing GLX Dock and Oh my god !!! X was completely gone. Tried every command in the book to recover and ended up doing a complete new install. My resume was lost and a few family pics are gone. Someone needs to step up on this one!!!

  13. My computer running ubuntu recently crashed and all I have access is to terminal.

    Brad Fallon

  14. Does ubuntu 10.04 beta 2 still have the problems with the proprietary fglrx driver?

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  15. Same here. it just freezes randomly but always when logged in as a non main user. could this be yet another Linux security problem. something running with the wrong privileges?

  16. How can i switch from Ubuntu netbook remix to ubuntu desktop quickly and easily?

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  17. Adobe flash player makes firefox crash on Ubuntu 7.10 'Gutsy Gibbon' anyone else had this problem?
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