Thursday, December 10, 2009

RSS feeds available for GetDeb package updates

Last week I have changed the package updates links organization, cleaned up the main updates fetching/filtering code and finally added the most frequently requested feature: RSS feeds.

With the new organization updates are available from the following links:$release/
Where $release = 9.04, 9.10.. or all to show updates for all releases.

The application specific pages are now, right now they just provide the same info from /updates/, comments, ratings, etc will go into the /software/ section.


  1. Have you considered uploading these packages to Debian (and syncing them to Ubuntu) instead of just uploading to

  2. Hmm. Take a guess. It's not hard to see that someone who's done so much would know about uploading them to Debian and Ubuntu.

    In fact, they know more than you do and know about the beuracracies and policy issues, and that's it shows with getdeb being so popular.

    Debian/Ubuntu devs are as blind as always though! And clueless people like you are always going "have you tried uploading?".

    (or maybe you're that 'foo' alias that spams every blog post with these upload messages. Try doing some work yourself.)

  3. Some of the persons which upload to GetDeb do also upload to Debian/Ubuntu, however it is not just as simple as "uploading" both Debian and Ubuntu have specific policies and workflow which can be a barrier.
    Also we have a fundamental ideological difference, we provide upstream versions per their release policy, not from a distribution testing/release policy like it's done on Debian/Ubuntu .